Below are some common questions regarding the Riverstone. If you can't find the answer you are looking for please feel free to contact us.

What ground preparation is required?


It's recommended that Weedmat be installed prior to ground covering with stone.


There are two reasons for this, the first is to prevent weeds from growing through the stone layer. The second is to prevent the stone from sinking (particularly in soft sandy soil) allowing it to be spread in a thin layer. 

Weedmat Is available from all major hardware stores.

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How much stone will I require?


It's highly recommended you measure the area beforehand to give some indication of how much stone you will require. We are more than happy to deliver a second bag later on if there was a shortfall, however for budgeting purposes it is always good to know before you start the project.  


The image to the right shows 1x 1000Kg bag of 40-100mm pebbles cut open and spread out 1 layer thick (70mm) to cover 10 square meters.

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How is the stone delivered?


Orders are usually delivered Saturdays depending on the suburb. The bulka bags are unloaded off the side of a small truck and as such, are generally delivered to the verge or driveway only.

Delivery in bulka bags eliminates mess and reduces waste compared to loose dumped products. It also allows the stone to be placed in more convenient locations.   


Delivery can also be arranged to outer metro and regional areas.

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How can I order and pay?


To place an order, please call or email us using the details on the contacts page. When ordering, please confirm the following:

*Size & type of stone required 
*Quantity required 
*Contact name 
*Contact phone number

*Delivery address & any special instructions

Payment is cash or card on delivery with receipts provided. Businesses and schools may also be invoiced.